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Avatar Engineering was incorporated in the State of Maryland in April of 2000.  Our corporate purpose was to serve as a billing vehicle for software engineering efforts on behalf of the NATO SeaSparrow Program Office.  We operated without significant overhead or excess capacity, and permanently closed our doors late in 2006.  Our customer base ceased funding our efforts and we went out of business.  We appreciate your interest; thanks for visiting the site.

Our Staff

The Principal Engineer of Avatar Engineering, Inc. is Dan Averill.  He has over 20 years of experience in the design, development and integration of custom software applications, specializing in embedded real time systems.  He offers a background in Radar, Military and Civilian Aerospace, Marine Navigation, and Avionics.  He has enjoyed extensive work with event driven coherent graphic displays and related man-machine interface issues, and has strong communications and analytical skills.  Detailed information about him and the projects he has worked on can be found linked beneath his name.

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