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                 6/1983     Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Technological Institute, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.

Northwestern University LogoConcentrated study in applications of microprocessors in real time environments and the design of microprocessor based systems.


Over 20 years of experience in the specification, design, development and integration of complex custom software applications, specializing in embedded real time systems.  Background in Radar, Military and Civilian Aerospace, Marine Navigation, and Avionics.  Extensive work with event driven coherent graphic displays and related man-machine interface issues.  Strong communications and analytical skills.  Significant participation in simulation and stimulation test environment generation.


   4/1999 – 9/2006     Under contract to NATO Sea Sparrow Program Office, Alexandria, Virginia

NSPO LogoPrincipal Engineer: Re-Architectured NATO Sea Sparrow Missile System Project.  Designed and developed mutli-platform distributed software application for Mark 17 Mod 2/3 Signal Data Processor component of this continuous wave target illumination radar.  Integrated software with COTS and custom circuit cards on a VME chassis for RF data acquisition, target detection, angle tracking, range estimation, video and audio product display, and EA mitigation.  Performed system integration and interface testing with RNSSMS on site aboard Self Defense Test Ship in Port Hueneme, CA, aboard LHD 7 in Pascagoula, MS, at Surface Combat Systems Center in Wallops Island, VA, and at Raytheon’s PLBTS in Portsmouth, RI, including integration with tactical stimulator/simulator systems.  Ported and re-integrated entire application to updated hardware platform for Mk-57 Mod 10-13.  Effort sponsored by NSPO through Naval Air Warfare Center – Aircraft Division.  MVME5110, SBS/VI Power4C, VME, PPC 604e, SkyBolt II Excalibur DSP, VxWorks 5.3 and 5.4, MetaWare and Gnu C, VSIPL, TCP/IP, Tornado II and Solaris IDEs.

   5/1997 – 4/1999     Integrated Dynamics, Inc., Annapolis, Maryland

NASA Meatball LogoPrincipal Engineer: Automated Control Center Demonstration Project.  Designed software and user interface architecture for proposed automated orbiter Guidance and Navigation Console function.  Prototyped ascent/abort and caution/warning user interfaces for enhanced Space Shuttle orbiter cockpit displays in RapidLab Reconfigurable Orbiter Cockpit simulator.  Effort sponsored by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA‑JSC).  Client/Server Architecture, Multiple platforms, Java, TCP/IP, Unix.

  11/1990 – 5/1997     JJM Systems, Inc., Lexington Park, Maryland

HU-25B In FlightUSCG LogoSoftware/Systems Engineer: AIREYE Maritime Surveillance System Upgrade for HU-25B based AN/APS-131 Side Looking Airborne Radar and RS-18C Infra‑Red/Ultra‑Violet Line Scanner.  Specified, designed, and implemented real time sensor controls and digitized data displays.  Designed software interfaces system wide; conducted design review, acceptance testing and integration of subcontractor software components.  Effort sponsored by United States Coast Guard.  TCP/IP, FDDI, DCI Tiger Pentium PC, Motorola MVME1604 PPC, VxWorks, VxMP, Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 95 GUI, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Microsoft Foundation Classes, Visual SourceSafe, MIL‑STD‑498.

SARTIS GraphicSoftware Program Engineer: Dual Mode Recognizer.  Ported PC Artis Simulator (PARTSIM) radar signal modulation (RSM) algorithm into Kuck Classpack Signal Processing Library, removing hand coded FFTs from the Fortran Powerstation source to increase performance.  RSM algorithm now used in AN/UPX‑34.  Effort sponsored by Naval Electronic Surface Engineering Activity.  Dell 486D/50 PC, Windows 95 GUI, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Microsoft Foundation Classes, Visual SourceSafe, Fortran Powerstation.

CVN GraphicSoftware Program Engineer: Ship Self Defense System Identification Doctrine Processor.  Developed and demonstrated IDP interface to SSDS.  Defined display requirements for integrating IDP with Sensor Supervisor.  Acted as technical liaison to Applied Physics Lab, providing site support to a parallel effort.  Configured and maintained a four LAU SSDS network testbed with Sensor Supervisor, CIWS, CIFF, and IDP.  Represented customer to CIFF AN/UPX‑30 software PDRs at Allied Signal Bendix and to Doctrine Working Group at NSWC‑Dahlgren.  Maintained ID Doctrine Processor software for CV/CVN installed baseline.  Effort sponsored by Naval Electronic Surface Engineering Activity.  Sun Sparc 5 workstations, Motorola MVME167, SunOS 4.1.3, VxWorks, ANSI C.

SLQ-32 Antenna GraphicSenior Software Engineer: Embedded Intelligent Trainer Demonstration for AEGIS AN/SLQ‑32 Electronic Warfare System.  Designed proof of concept prototype integrating platform and emitter characteristics database, sensor fusion software, and expert systems technology to support training system development.  Developed real time sensor data acquisition facility targeting AEGIS environment.  Effort sponsored by Naval Training Systems Center.  Dell 486D/50 PC, Microway i860, NTDS interface bus, DOS 6.22, Pharlap, Watcom C/C++, Halo Graphics.

Mariner's Eye Screen ShotSenior Software Engineer: Mariner's Eye Commercial Product Prototype.  Developed an integrated real time graphical situation display system for pleasure craft navigation, chart plotting, and radar tracking.  Interfaced with GPS, fluxgate compass, chart images on CD-ROM, and custom radar video digitization hardware.  Produced interactive geographic format with symbolic overlays representing objects in the embedded simulation, allowing operator track classification and route data management.  Supported integration testing aboard floating laboratory in the Chesapeake Bay.  Dell 466M PC, NMEA 0183, DOS 5.0, Pharlap, Watcom C/C++, Halo Graphics.

F-14D RIO CockpitF-14 RIO ConsoleSenior Software Engineer: F-14 Multi Sensor Fusion (KOALAS) Software Architecture Demonstration.  Coupled high fidelity sensor simulators, RIO cockpit display simulators, a Pro‑Kappa AI rulebase, and sensor fusion software to permit graphic evaluation of proposed sensor tasking modes.  Effort sponsored by Naval Air Warfare Center.  Sun Sparc 2 workstations, Solaris (Unix), OpenWindows GUI, GNU C.

  2/1990 – 11/1990     Under contract to Rockwell International, Collins Avionics Division, Melbourne, Florida

Rockwell CollinsSenior Software Engineer: 747-400 Central Maintenance Computer project.  Designed and implemented in-flight fault monitoring and flight deck effect database, communications and display software.  Rockwell AAMP, ARINC‑429, ACARS, DEC and ICC ADA, HP 16510A Logic Analyzer, VAX workstations.

   8/1989 – 1/1990     Under contract to Cadillac Gage TEXTRON, Control Systems Operations, Warren, Michigan

Software Engineer: M1A2 Abrams Tank Gun Turret Drive Control M1A2 Abrams Tankproject.  Specified, designed, and implemented a two-axis stabilization and control software system with integral diagnostics for main weapon targeting.  VMEbus, MC68020, DSP56001, Telesoft ADA, Tektronics DAS 9200, VAX workstations, Cadre CASE tools, DOD‑STD‑2167A.

   8/1987 – 8/1989     Under contract to General Electric Company, Aerospace Group, Syracuse, New York

Software Engineer: Over-The-Horizon Backscatter Radar software OTH-B Transmit Sitedevelopment project.  Designed and implemented sophisticated track history and grayscale radar data composite display formats.  Redesigned and implemented interactive track edit functions.  Provided on-site customer support to Air Force acceptance testing in Bangor, Maine.  Ethernet, VAX 8650, Fortran, VMS, MIL‑STD‑490.

   7/1983 – 8/1987     Under contract to Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey

FAATC LogoSenior Computer Scientist: Direct Access Radar Channel Air Traffic Control software development project.  Implemented track history display and fault tolerance enhancements to ATC operational system.  MC68000, RDS500, C, Unix, Sun/3 workstations, DOD-STD-2167.

Senior Computer Scientist: Radar Analysis Support System project.  Specified, designed, and implemented a portable diagnostic software system for stationary surveillance radar system fault isolation.  Presented the design to an international audience at Eurocontrol Experimental Centre in France.  Enhanced existing radar diagnostic software on IBM mainframe.  Multibus, MC68000, IBM 9020, C, BAL, Jovial, Unix, WICAT 150 system, DOD-STD-2167.

   6/1979 – 7/1983     Washington National Insurance Company, Evanston, Illinois

Lead Programmer: Corporate Accounting System software projects.  Amdahl V8, OS/MVS, TSO, JCL, COBOL.

   7/1978 – 6/1979     William M. Mercer, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Programmer/Analyst I: Premium Billing/Receivables software support.  IBM 370/158, OS/VS-2, TSO, JCL, BAL, COBOL.

   9/1977 – 6/1978     Mars Housewares, Inc., Evanston, Illinois

Programmer: Inventory Control System software maintenance project.  PDP 11/34, Fortran.